12-strings anyone? G5422-12 in the house!


I should have posted earlier, because it's been months since i got the Gretsch 12-string Electromatic.

I've been on the Rickenbacker-fb-page, because i still have a lapsteel to sell, and i saw lots and lots of 12-strings. Thinking back, i realised how much of the music of my youth has been done on 12-strings. The Smiths as the main influence. So i wanted a 12-string, but not a Rick. Too iconic.

Seeing Gretsch had an affordable 12-string in it's line, i had to have one. The guitar was playable right out of the box (after tuning, of course), but even better with a little adjustment of the bridge. I can't compare to other electric 12-strings, but it's been a long time i had so much fun with a new guitar.

Anyone else got one?


Oh yes. Several to many of us. The Electro 12 is a regular wonder.

I have three other electric 12s, including a Ric, and the Gretsch is easily the equal of any of them. I have some reservations about the color choices (I went with black too) - and I think it should have a Bigsby - but Gretsch knocked this one out of the park. Enjoy!

What lap steel are you selling?


Love mine and the guitar player in my band, Bonk, can’t get enough. It is now intrigal I and necessary in at least one of our tunes.


Quite the wonder. I can't use it in the ska-band (however ...!), but there's another band in wich i can use it in almost every song. Who'd have thought!

I'm still in doubt about the Bigsby!

This is the lapsteel i'm (thinking of) selling. Paul Pigat used it on The Dutch Sessions-cd, if that's worth something ...


I’m in complete agreement. (Sorry no pics of the 5422 alone.)

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