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Ziggie’s Music imperiled, but you can help


Ziggie's Music's place in rock and roll (and Duane Eddy) history is well-known, and it's still with us. But perhaps not for much longer. It appears that building ownership wrangling within the family threaten to bring the curtain down. The grandson wants to carry on the Ziggie's Music tradition, but he cannot do it on his own.

The story and the plea for help can be found [here].(https://www.gofundme.com/ziggiesmusicfbclid=IwAR0jbn3Gu4po8rjOaQn70A3UX-zT8V99WxZ_VumJDGi3INIfz0vYOcEhwP4)

I'm down for a few bucks. Even if you are not compelled by music history (heaven forfend!), it's a local music shop. We like those, right?



Ziggie's is a nice shop, Nice friendly people. But it is a shadow of what it once was. They used to stock Fenders, Gretsches, etc. If I remember correctly, it is where I played my first Gretsch back in 1965, a Chet Atkins Nashville. Now its cheap guitars with a few nice used ones. You used to be able to take lessons from Al Casey there, as Baxter did. Now, I'm not sure that they even offer lessons. The last time I was there, I bought a book on the Phoenix Rock and Roll scene in the '60s. A band from my high school, the Hearsemen, was one of the featured bands.

Still, I'd hate to see them go.


It's been a fixture in the lives of several generations of my family. My grandfather bought the mandolin, that I inherited from him at Ziggies in about 1970. It was the goto shop for many years, for all valley musicians. I hope that they can keep it open. The repair shop was run by (IIRC) Chuck, for a very long time. He was a very knowledgeable electronics technician, and an all around fascinating fellow.

You're right though, Don, Ziggies today is a pale shadow of what they used to be.


Ziggie Zardus was a great friend to musicians. When Duane found his dream Gretsch, he not only did not have the money in his pocket, he was under age to sign a contract of sale with monthly payments. Ziggie said, “Take the guitar home and come back with your father and we'll complete the deal.” Can you imagine that happening today?

His granddaughter, Dionne Hauk, has done her best to keep the business alive. Of course, we’d love to see her continue with Ziggie's Music. I’m thinkin'...give me a little time, I’m hoping to come up with a helpful idea.


Thank you Deed, and no, I can't imagine a shop today sending a guitar home with a young man, like Ziggy did with Duane. That kind gesture started the ball rolling, with truly amazing results!


Wow Deed. That paperwork is R&R's Sea Scrolls to me.

A shop owner making a deal with a young gun, who with that very guitar, would put a huge stamp on R&R History.

Thanks for sharing and so cool to see.


Back in the day, we had Ziggie's, Lederman's and Otto Stein in Phoenix, Arizona Music in Glendale and Milano's in Mesa and Chandler. Of the big 5 only Milano's is still going strong and Ziggies's is just hanging on.


If I read that right, Duane was living in Coolidge at the time. So not only was he a young boy, he lived about 75 miles away in another county.


I'm so thankful that Mr. Duane picked guitar and not accordion!


Ziggie Zardus

Never knew the last name. I suppose it was always true: Ziggie played guitar.


Ziggie Zardus

Supposedly, Bowie’s character’s name was inspired by a shop name. Ziggy Stardust sounds too close to be coincidence however the shop in this case was, reputedly, a tailor’s. I wonder...


Duane & Ziggie


Duane with Ziggie's Granddaughter, Dionne Hauk.


Would some kind of benefit show save the day ?


I just checked, Ziggys is still open! I'm glad it didn't close. My family has used Ziggy's music for decades.


Thanks, that is very good news.

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