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What’s happened to Miss Deed?


I haven't seen her post in a while? I miss her always classy posts and comments!


A break is a good thing for all of us sometimes


I have been concerned about her absence as well.


Perhaps she is conducting an experiment to see if, without her nurturing and civilized presence, we devolve into a sort of Lord of the Flies.


Deed is a busy girl. I mean by the time she mows the grass, cleans out the flower beds, feeds the cats, does the shopping, and a million other things, there is not much time left.

Seriously though, I enjoy reading her writings, and occasional den mother type corrections. I'm just glad she takes what time she does for us.


We have all matured to the point where she doesn't need to daily keep us in line anymore?


No, no you have not.

But seriously...I wanted to tell you about our visit to the Country Music HOF and Museum today. Duane spent a few hours speaking with Peter Cooper for their podcast program Voices in The Hall. They covered so much of Duane’s career, road stories, early influences, the Rock and Roll-Country music connection (Merle Haggard cites Chuck Berry as one of his two biggest influences). Peter is the CMHOF's senior editor and producer, the engineer/archivist is Alan Stoker. His father is Gordon Stoker, founding member of The Jordanaires.

I didn’t forget you, here’s a few pics. We all love Grady Martin, of course. This green chair was his, and only his, at sessions. The arrangement for El Paso is Grady’s original. Can’t you just hear it?


I enjoyed the CMHOF waaayyyyy more than I thought I would. Highly recommended if you are in Nashville.

Good to know that you are still around, Miss Deed!


Thanks, Ryan! Now here’s Grady’s original chart for y’all to work on. xx


Wow , now how the lovely Deed is spoiling us ! - What a veritable feast to get up to on a wet and windy Saturday morning !


glad to hear that things are copacetic, Miss D.; missed you!


Wonderful to see your posts, Deed. I know how you have always loved Grady Martin’s work on El Paso. Please pass on our regards to your man. It’s great to see him out and about and spreading the good news about rock and roll.


It is so good to see you posting and I just love anything that Grady played on, he surely was a talented guitarist! Deed, if you will look in Misc. Rumbles check out my post "Where has the time gone?" You will see a pic of Miss Violet on our front walk recently, she is 12 and started 7th grade on Thursday!


always good to see you posting. Duane looks great. Thanks for sharing.


I adore El Paso! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Deed!! Great info. on Grady Martin and one of my favorite songs!!!


GREAT tune! When it was on the charts,the pop-rock station in Toronto would play the whole thing,with all those superb Grady licks.IIRC "El Paso" was the first really long song to make the Top Ten....I wonder if it was a conceptual influence on a certain line in Steve Miller's "Take the Money and Run".


Great sound on these Marty Robbins tracks . - But will always remember Duane telling us the story about the spoilt condenser and the birth of the ' fuzz tone ' ! - Grady Martin really made us prick up our ears ! - What an exciting innovative sound ! - Worth playing the track just to hear that , how great that the invaluable spoilt condenser was not replaced !


Released 1961Link

At Grady’s induction to The Country Music Hall of Fame, Duane and Mandy Barnett performed Don't Worry, Duane using his signature six string bass guitar to play Grady’s groundbreaking fuzzed out solo. Fuzz pedal supplied by Duane’s son, Chris. It was the coolest, and Steve Gibson, a member of the house band, was playing Grady’s original Dano used on the track as tic tac bass.

From a while back with pics

In this thread I was asked if this guitar was a CS model, or would it be a production guitar. At the time, I really couldn’t answer.

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