Duane Eddy's House of Twang

We’ll see you in the UK in May!


Woohoo! Tickets bought for Glasgow!


See you there Sandy. When you are in Aberdeen this is just like round the corner (well 150 miles round the corner!) Mike


Are these shows with Richard Hawley's band and Ron Dziubla? They were a great combination on the last tour.


Please dont leave the Midlands out in the cold with this tour ! - How great if a DVD could be produced from one of the concerts - to bring all of the fans in from the cold !! - Lets hope that a record number will be able to meet Duane and Deed !!!


Brilliant news, looking forward to seeing and hearing Duane again so soon ! Southbank here we come.:D :D :D :D


Oh, if you like curry, you'll love Glasgow. :)


Do they do a good vegetarian variety that is both "tangy" and "twangy" ?


Just booked my tickets for Duane's concert at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, on May 13th. To say that I'm excited would be an understatement :)

I last saw Duane in concert in Liverpool Empire (with Gene Vincent as I remember) and that was about 50years ago. Where did those years go, I wonder but in all that time Duane's music has been in my life.

Roll on May 13th :)

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Apologies for the profusion of deleted posts but the site went haywire for a minute. Must be the excitement of Duanes upcoming UK tour. Just got 3 tickets for the Queen Elizabeth Hall and, for the first time in many years, I failed to get front row centre seats. I am out of the country for the first few dates so I am really pleased to get these tickets [even if they are second row stalls] Can I/we assume Ron is the saxman on the tour ? Try not to get a cold on the plane over here Duane!


Tickets for QEH just purchased for 4 - see you there!


Ron will be there, rest assured of that. We're really pleased to see Glascow on the schedule and hoping to add more dates in Scotland. I would love to get to Ireland on this tour, as we have so many friends there and my great-grandparents (the Sheedys) came to America from Ireland in the 1880's.


Midlands in from the cold ! - Front row seats booked at the Warwick Arts Centre - between Warwick and Coventry - This is the closest Duane has been to my home - town ! - It just makes one like a cat on a hot tin roof !! - Who would dare to dampen the excitement !!


Would love to see Duane in Ireland..8-)

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