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First time Gretsch NGD


Here you go...

What started life as a pre-Fender 1996 Duojet in jet black, ended up as a great showcase project for my local luthier, Luca. He's an Italian currently based in Singapore. A cool guy and always passionate about his work!!!

The beginning... Only mod done was to replace the rusty bridge with a compton bridge.

The stripping begins! Poly finish is nasty to remove. Can't believe he did it all by hand!

Sparkle on!!! Heard from him, he's still trying to clean off the remaining sparkle in his workshop cum office.

Always thought the "stinger" series Les Paul way cool... So I requested for my own version.

Checkings on!

All you go and all her new glory!!!


Just chilling...


That's great work he has done. Enjoy the guitar, it's beautiful!


Looks great and I agree about the stinger.


Woah! What a great first Gretsch for you. Congratulations.


Very nice. That's a great looking guitar.


Much better! i love that shade of pink


Welcome to the GDP

nice, love the new finish, thanks for sharing :)


Great sparkle finish, looks really good!


Beautiful. I'm a huge fan of the Sparkle finishes and Luca did a great job. +1 on the stinger, too.


Wow, wow, wow! Great job (and choices). The mahogany grain on the back is superb! So nice to be able to see it!!


Thanks all!!! I love this to bits and am glad the back turns out to be a nicely grained one piece back. Kudos on the respray!


Welcome to the GDP! Very nice refin. Now it's a one off.

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