Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Viva Las Vegas Concert Update!


The Stray Cats have been added to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly concert in April.


I say Jerry Lee should be top billed.


I think even Arthur Cosette is playing, from the Canadian surfband Les Jaguars. I so would like to see that. I heard hotels are all already fully booked almost a year ago.


I say Jerry Lee should be top billed.

– DCBirdMan



I say Jerry Lee should be top billed.

– DCBirdMan

I don't think so.

Billboard Top 40 Hits:

Duane Eddy - 15

Jerry Lee Lewis - 6

Stray Cats - 4


I remember a Stuart Colman BBC radio interview with Duane , at the time of the 70s tour with Jerry Lee Lewis in the UK . Duane expressed great enthusiasm to come out and play with him . Though a great show it never happened ! - Fingers crossed that the truly historic event in the annals of rock'n'roll becomes a reality this time !


Im thinking about going. Maybe stay at the mustang ranch.....


Man I really want to go to this, but $500 in travel expenses is a lot for one day in Vegas. Here's hoping they tour after that...


I don't think so.

Billboard Top 40 Hits:

Duane Eddy - 15

Jerry Lee Lewis - 6

Stray Cats - 4

– Tony

Amen to that Tony !


The Mustang Ranch is nowhere near Las Vegas, munman. It was a notorious brothel operated just east of Reno, Nevada by Joe Conforte.


As for the lineup, it should be noted that, at this level, there are no "opening acts". Once they reach this stage of acclaim, it is simply a question of someone having to go first, second, and last. Order doesn't really mean much. I don't think that Duane minds a bit that The Stray Cats and Jerry Lee Lewis are listed above his name on the poster. After all, Jerry Lee Lewis was out there having hits before Duane had his. Besides, we know Duane to be a pretty generous soul who wouldn't begrudge this sort of stuff.

As for The Stray Cats, this IS a rockabilly event. And there is no bigger news in the rockabilly world than the reunion of the band for this show. They are arguably the biggest possible attraction in rockabilly music. So, it only makes all the sense in the world for the promoter to headline The Stray Cats as he knows that that will bring in more bodies and sell more tickets.

I am confident that Duane would advise us all to not sweat the small stuff and to cheer all of these artists on.



All of the following tickets include seeing THE STRAY CATS, JERRY LEE LEWIS and DUANE EDDY Get your tickets at http://www.vivalasvegas.net...

HOT RODDER TICKET $40 Gets you into the Car Show Area ONLY on Saturday 21st April only

CLASSIC TICKET $50 Gets you into the Car Show Area ONLY on Thur, Fri & Sat

HIGH ROLLER TICKET $150 Access to all Viva Las Vegas events inside the hotel and outside at the car show.

TICKET PURCHASER MUST BE PRESENT AT EVENT. ID or PASSPORT WILL BE REQUIRED. If a purchaser buys more than one ticket, the named purchaser must arrive with the other ticket holder.


I hear Buzz Campbell is the opening act for these 3 headliners


Viva Las Vegas is not the first time Jerry Lee Lewis & Duane Eddy were at the same venue. They were also in Amsterdam back on November 11, 1978.


The killer is on his way to rock Las Vegas.


Great picture of Duane!


Here's another from Gretsch Japan


And another great shot


And another great shot

– Arthur

What truly great photos , Duane looks on top form !


Superb VLV photo of Duane taken by Circle member Den Mathews!!


Anybody got any Video of Duane at Viva?


Not a good pic, but I was there. :)

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