Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Turn your speakers up. Listen to this. Have a great day.


What Rodney said. I like the picking on the tele.


Live on BBC London 94.9 right now! Thursday 2.40 pm


Sturgill Simpson will be in Sheffield tomorrow night at The Greystones. Go see him. I am not sure his band is traveling with him, but I do know they will be in October when he returns. No matter...get a ticket and go.



His band are not with him on this trip, but he is playing in Shepherds Bush tonight.


I still can't get enough of this guy. I just listened to in interview he did for Walking the Floor with Chris Shiflett (http://walkingthefloor.com/...)

Both albums were recorded to tape and the latest album was recorded all live together in the room. Sounds it too, in the best way possible. This is the type of artist that renews my faith in country music. Here's to hopin' he doesn't get to bored of putting out country albums!


Started this thread two years and four months ago. Grammy nominations are up...Sturgill Simpson' *A Sailor's Guide to Earth" is nominated for Album of the Year.

Good on him.


Sounds great, but I can't stop staring at his shoes.


Its been said before , " Uncannily like the great Waylon ! "


I'm so glad that Sturg is getting some love around here. Thanks, Deed!

I've been on his scent since his first album-- "High Top Mountain." He started his CMA blasting on that LP and I'm glad he's stuck to his guns. Sturg is a smart guy too-- his interviews (in addition to his lyrics) are insightful reads.

I unfortunately had a gig the night he played Pittsburgh, but everyone who went said that the "Sailor's" band is just out of sight.


It's been announced that Sturgill Simpson will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on January 14.


Just a reminder that Sturgill Simpson is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tonight.


Nice White Penguin Billy Bo on that SNL show last night:


Last night was a good one for music on NBC. At 10PM, the rerun of SNL from 1978 had Carrie Fisher---and the Blues Bros.!

Studio Simpson's doing alright for himself these days. Classic country, the kind that gets your feet movin'!

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