Duane Eddy's House of Twang

This just in: Reverb publishes archival Tony Bacon interview with t…


It is always nice to read Duane's words because I can hear him speaking them as I read them. He is ever so humble, as well.


Thanks for posting. It's good to finally be able to read the entire interview. Isn't Duane supposed to have a book out soon?


i read this ear today. Its excellent.



Has Duane’s Les Paul surfaced yet?

Thanks for the link. I’ll be reading it tonight.


Bob, did you dictate your post? Twain sounds a lot like Duane, but it sure ain't spelled the same.


Well, I can imagine that Sam Clemens had a very distinctive voice as well. But Mark wasn't so humble...


Yes, Deke, that is exactly what happened. Normally, I review a post after dictating it because that stuff happens, but this time I was short on time and just clicked "Add Post". Shame on me!


Great read! Thanks for posting, Tim!

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