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This Day in Twang History - 1958


Nov 08 1958...a somewhat uncomfortable looking Duane made the cover of The Cash Box. I think I'd feel a tad uncomfortable too if three guys in suits invaded my personal space with "Ka-Ching!!" dollar signs in their eyes.


Ha! Don't know who the suits are, but odds are they picked Duane's pockets.


In just 11 days I would be born!

Those guys are just explaining the Venture Capital aspects of the Music Business...Duane being a "Founder".


Was that the unacceptable face of capitalism , on the American music scene in 1958 ? - Or just another routine day in the office ? - Routine or mundane with guitar hero Duane , never !


They do look pretty nakedly rapacious - or is it just the name of the periodical skewing our perceptions?


It’s just a family photo of Duane with his attorneys...Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.


So it worked out. Duane had'em right where they wanted him?


The guy with the mustache is Harry Finfer of Jamie Records. The man to his left is George Goldner, who was the national distributor for Jamie in 1958 and most of 1959.

I once read that Duane joked that so many people owned 25% of Jamie he lost count of them!


I reckon that if the Jamie executives had been honest about their returns Duane would have had a number 1 with Rebel Rouser. I dread to think how much money my musical hero lost due to the 'economical accounting' of Harry and his cohorts ! Sadly it was par for the course back in tbe day.


Yes I agree - Duane didn't stand a chance in that "lion's den". But thanks for the great quality photo so at last I can see who is on the left of the photo, next to Duane. His booking agent, apparently. George Goldner set up quite a few labels in the 50s and early 60s, to get round the issue of DJs playing only one or two discs from any one label. But rumour has it that he was addicted to gambling and almost always ended up selling his assets to Morris Levy, who ran Roulette, to pay off his debts. I've read suggestions that by the time of his last major label (Red Bird) the Mafia were at less than arm's length.

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