Duane Eddy's House of Twang

The Wild Westerners


Ok, curiosity is killing me. What do you think the original poster had to say?


I don't really know Deed, although I do know what the Italian poster is saying

(The Wild Prairie)


...and Spanish (Wild West)

...and German (The Torn Lasso)


German: The Torn Lasso


Here in La we have the Gene Autry museum. If you ever want to see the history of the wild west then this is the place to go! I've seen some great things.


Sorry, it was me!! I didn't check to see if it had posted ok. What I said was....... I finally got to see the movie for only the second time since its original release in 1962. I couldn't remember much about it, apart from the stagecoach blowing Duane up and although Duane did his best with a clichéd script, it was, at best an average b-movie. It was obviously made on a tight budget - scenes of the Indians attacking looked like they came from a few different films but it was great to see Duane, and hear the soundtrack over the opening credits. Hopefully, I'll get to see Kona Coast sometime as well, as it doesn't show up that often on UK TV apart from on Cable.


Years ago, I watched this with one of our grandsons, who was about eight at the time. I was a little leery knowing the big explosion was coming up, but no worries. After the stagecoach blew up, grandson was quiet for a moment, then he said, "Good thing Grandpa jumped off of that or else he would have gotten hurt real bad!" He didn't really notice that Grandpa was never to be seen again in the movie.


One other thing was the character name of the Marshal in the movie, Jim McDowell - a name well known to circle members - how's that for a coincidence?


I have an original U.S. poster hanging in my TV room.


In France, the magazine "Star-Cine Aventures" printed a photo novel based on the film using stills from the film and French dialogue. The title they used was "Les Sauvages de la Plaine". I have not been able to attach a scan from the magazine, but I'll try again later.


The film has other music connections in addition to Duane. Nancy Kovack, who plays the female lead, is married to the famous conductor Zubin Mehta. Duane of course plays Deputy Marshal Clint Fallon, and one of the Sheriff's deputies is played by Guy Mitchell, a singer who had a string of hits in the fifties.

I wonder if Duane had a chance to discuss music with Guy while they were making the film.

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