Duane Eddy's House of Twang

The wait is over!


Have a look! And thank you, Joe C.

Read all about 'em, right here

– Deed Eddy

The Legendary Duane Eddy photo is 100% bad ass!

Huge Congrats to you and Duane, Deed and of course to Joe and the Gretsch Team


It's been a little bit of a long road, but it's so great to see these guitars finally available. All of you here have been so supportive throughout, and that means so very much.

yeah, Greg, I have to agree. ; )


Impressive, very well done!


I was at Fullers in Houston and they had a black and white one. The black one's bridge pup was too low, but the white one was perfect, and they played and sounded amazing! Check them out if you get a chance! I played them through an AC10 which is equally awesome. These guitars are top shelf!

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