Duane Eddy's House of Twang

The Twang heard at J.W. Millikan’s


If you were a resident of Hammond, Indiana in January of 1959...and perhaps some of you may have been...then J.W. Millikan's was the place to be to take a copy of "Have "Twangy" Guitar Will Travel" into one of the 16 private listening booths and rock out!

Look at the amazing choice of platters they're advertising...Eddie Cochran's "Singin' To My Baby", Fats Domino, The Eldorados, Bo Diddley, The Platters, Ricky Nelson!

"Dance With Dick Clark"?....not so much.

But a nice shiny copy of the new Duane Eddy album? Hello Indiana!!


...and here's the TV department of J.W. Millikan's a few years later in 1967. You can just see the record department at the right of picture.


I grew up half an hour East of Hammond. Got my first record at Silver's Record Store---"Green Onions". They had the listening booths as well. Kresge's (later K-Mart) had 45s for 67 cents. Wheelgrinder, are you a transplanted Regionite? Bear is from that area as well.


No, I'm a transplanted Irishman. Transplanted into Vancouver BC that is.

Just thought this was a great piece of history that might be interesting to Duane fans and Hoosiers who may remember the store.

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