Duane Eddy's House of Twang

The Duane Eddy/Jimi Hendrix Connection


It is tenuous of course, but it seems to be legit. The author of this article on Hendrix's "wayward gear" identifies a psychedelic Gibson Flying V (that Jimi actually sent flying) that was later painted black and used by Duane Eddy's rhythm guitarist on Top of the Pops. Sure enough, when Duane is playing "Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar" on TOTP in 1975, the rhythm guitarist -- identified as maybe being Roger Saunders -- is playing a black Flying V. You'll have to tear your eyes away from Duane and his 6120 (and the Rebelletes) but it's there.



I misread the thread's title.

I thought it said


Immediately, I thought they wrote a song together.

"40 Miles Of Bad Acid"


40 Miles of Purple Haze.


40 Miles Along The Watchtower .


Loved the Electric Ladytwang album, especially “Rainy Day, Twang Away” - and its twangiest collaboration “Twanging of the Midnight String.”


Don't forget "Rebel Rouser (Slight Return)!"


Buddy Miles has said that "Rainy Day, Twang Away" was the highlight of his recording career...


Some thought the floaty "Third Stone Along 40 Miles of Bad Road" from Are You Twanged was but preparation for the fully ambient 1983 - a Twangman I Shall Turn to Be - a prescient forecast of Duane's 1986 "Peter Gunn" with Art of Noise.

But it's hard to beat "Hey Duane," with the immortal line "where you goin' with that Gunn in your hand?"


"Hey Duane, it's raining...(toke)"

This is all too funny...

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