Duane Eddy's House of Twang

The Coolest Gretsch Pose!


yeah that's a classic alright


ps- and so's this


this one is really cool too.


Elvis Costello. This picture made me want a Rancher so bad I could taste it!


That early pose by Duane, made the most positive statement about instrumental rock , it did more than any other, to put it on the musical map ! - Just have to admit his clothes statement from 1958 was one to emulate !


Duane Eddy and a guitar - Timeless.


Duane still makes it look cool! I love seeing current videos compared to his early ones. He still has that same groove in his step when he's rocking out. So Cool!


cool too


No Didier, it is "too cool" ;)


Elvis Costello. This picture made me want a Rancher so bad I could taste it!

– duojet55

wow I thought I'd seen em all this is killer!


May I suggest that some of these are just pics of guys with a Gretsch, not a "coolest Gretsch Pose"? As far as poses go I think Duane and Didier win.


A good pose

– Steve Yetter

Very cool indeed and for me, is right to to the original post.


Lots of nice pics here - I literally like them all but....come on guys, we all know it.....the first one of Duane that appeared on the thread, posted by JACK, is the clear leader in any 'coolest of the cool' assessment..... ;)


I love that last photo of Duane because he looks so happy. It was taken at The Ryman, April 5 2000. Chet was there, it was such special evening. Our family was there, it was his daughter's birthday...you name it, it was cool all the way 'round.

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