Duane Eddy's House of Twang

The closest I will get !


We will be out of the UK when Duane performs later in the year so I took the opportunity to have this photograph taken prior to going into the London Palladium last night to see ‘The King And I’. So disappointed to miss out on the ‘birthday bash’ and hope Deed and Duane have a great trip.


We are really going to miss you and Therese. Thank you for the photo, though. Great to know the theater is promoting the show!


We all know that Jack is such a loyal fan , Deed ! - When I saw the picture on Facebook I said , " Is that where we have to queue to meet the master ? " I know that is not always possible , meeting you again Deed , would come a close second to meeting Duane ! - On a personal level my son Chris is taking me , a wonderful treat from him ! His business takes him into London regularly , not taking any chances I understand he has already booked a parking slot ! - We were saying yesterday , " With all of the times Duane has been to the UK and all of the venues where he has played , never before the Palladium ! " - Someone will correct me if that is not right . - Otherwise following in the footsteps of Buddy Holly ! --- Some of us will also make sure that the media are aware of the historic significance of the show and tour ! - I'm expecting to see many luminaries from the music world in the audience , plus us rank and file fans of course ! No doubt the Duane Eddy Circle membership will be there in force ! ------- What a great music DVD the show would make !!


No, they're not mine.


Duane played The Palladium in 1990.


Duane played The Palladium in 1990.

– Deed Eddy

Thanks for the correction , Deed ! - My Duane reference library is in dire need of review !


Jack, great picture of the "King (of Twang) and I"

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