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Strong & Stable” Peter Gunn - AoN in Liverpool


Art of Noise reformed for a concert in Liverpool at the end of May and closed their set with a re-mix of "Peter Gunn". For folks outside the UK, the "strong & stable" that flows through the tune was a reference to a soundbite used by the Conservative party in the UK's election that took place in early June:-


I'll always be grateful to them for using "Peter Gunn" simply because I'm sure that had a lot to do with Duane going on tour in '84, when I was lucky enough to see him.


The AoN version of "Peter Gunn" is from 1986. Duane's concerts in 1983/84 were the result of what was originally planned as a one-off concert at The Baked Potato in Los Angeles that featured Ry Cooder, Steve Douglas, Don Randi & Hal Blaine!!! They had such a ball, and got such a great reception & Press coverage, that they decided to "twang on". I was very lucky to be able to see Duane & AoN play a live version of "Peter Gunn" on The Tube" TV programme in Newcastle, just as the record was starting to take off. Duane got such a great reaction that when I watched the recording afterwards I realised that the producers had faded out the applause so they could get on to the next act.


Well " strong and stable " could be used more aptly by Duane and his music . - In the UK election we got those words ad nauseam . ---- Wonderful memories flow from seeing Duane on tour and the way he played his original rendition of " Peter Gunn " immediately followed by the Art of Noise type arrangement . - We were invited to identify the different versions without a programme !


Hank Marvin does quite a " strong and stable " - " Peter Gunn " on his latest album ' Without A Word ' - OK its not Duane but it is " strong and stable ! " ----- He also does the " Doctor Who Theme " - that I suggested sometime ago would lend itself to the Duane Eddy treatment and magic !!


Seems a bit odd for AON to perform Peter Gunn "live" without Duane there. Why not just walk offstage, have a tea break, play the record, then come back on and resume the performance, I query?


I totally agree with your sentiments Deed.

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