Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Start The New Year Off Right…


Been there for quite some time and enjoy it immensely. Thanx for making it available.


The Duane Eddy Tribute Page Forum , has a pivotal role in communicating , so many aspects of Duane and his music ! - Sincere thanks Tony !


I've been starting the New Year off right for some time.

I point my '70 Princeton to the sky -- outside -- at 45%, turn it to 10 and let the tubes warm up for a few minutes, usually about 11:45 New Years Eve. Then right at midnight I play Auld Lange Syne on my '58 Clipper conversion with twin Dynas and B6 Bigsby -- Duane Eddy handle of course -- and scare the critters and annoy the neighbors. Play it low; start on the open E then the open A. There you go. Then I play Rebel Rouser and whatever else I feel like.


I'm in! Thanks for the invite.

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