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Chris Cheney playing shows in the USA May 2015,


This is a carry over from another current thread.

There seems to be a bit of interest from US members who would like to see The Living End or at least Chris Cheney.

He currently lives in California and has been playing and recording with Dead Men Walking. The band is made up of a rotating roster of members from all manner of different bands but they are playing The Troubadour in LA on May 5th 2015.

This from a recent tweet of Chris's, the line up will be Chris, Captain Sensible - The Damned, Slim Jim Phantom -Stray Cats, Mike Peters - Alarm, and special guests Duff- Guns and Roses & Velvet Revolver and Rami Jeffe - Foo Fighters.

Anyway I Just though I'd post this to let anyone who might be interested and can attend to give them the heads up. Chris Tweets all his goings on. Who he is playing with and info on where and when he is playing and recording so if you want to keep up to date with him just follow him on twitter.

This is link to one of there recordings and some details about the band:




Check out the song at the link "Rock and Roll Kills". Great stuff!! Sounds like 90s era Stray Cats.


I like this band for sure but I dont really hear Stray Cats ?? The 90s recordings (98'-99) had more punk aggression to my ears w state of emergency and prisoner of society stuff. Psycho


Chris's sound has gotten to bright in later years... Maybe he's hearing is starting to go a little who knows.. But i much prefer the earlier sound. Still such a good live bad, they put on a great show with a tonne of energy.

Pre Living End they played alot more Rockabilly/Stray Cats stuff as the Runaway Boys.

Here he is pre Wizard days rocking Bassman/Matchless Comb, he still uses the Matchless with the Wizard the last few times i've seen them.


I like that !! btw.. I have to credit the bassist here for nailing Lee Rockers EURO tour bass tone in stray cats which is a strange muted and textured farty sound, but punk rock cool.

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