Duane Eddy's House of Twang

So we’re in England!


At rehearsal with a lovely Irish lass.

Imelda is awesome. She just rocks.

– Deed Eddy

Have a wonderful, safe time Deed. And, if you get the chance, please tell Imelda that Johnnie and I said hello.


Can't you almost hear the great music they're making coming through that picture to the jukebox in your mind?


Duane in the vanguard of a ' Save The Children ' fund raiser ! - Early this morning I phoned the Daily Mirror news desk suggesting that the paper covers the event . Particularly extolling Duane's great participation ! - Though not everyone could be there physically , in spirit we have been , hoping for unparalleled success !


Duane with Phil Manzanera, one of the UK’s best-known musicians and record producers.


Courtesy of Bob Harris.


Having fun for a great cause---can't ask for much more.


Oh, MAN!! That white 6120! I hope some video surfaces. :)


Two of my nephews play in a band called The Peace Pirates and a couple of days ago they did a session for 'Whispering' Bob Harris. They walked through the door and there was Duane. They were absolutely thrilled to bits.


Liverpool boys. We were all having a lovely cup of tea in the kitchen...and yes, it really is a small world, Dave!

We heard the first track from the session...this is a really good band.


Tennessee Waltz. As I mentioned to a friend, no one can sing I lost my little darlin' like a Dublin girl.


What a fabulous photo , fabulous songs , fabulous music people ! - But is there any news on the fundraising , can you give us an update on that Deed ? - ' Save The Children Fund ' being the great catalyst !


Tennessee Waltz. As I mentioned to a friend, no one can sing I lost my little darlin' like a Dublin girl.

– Deed Eddy

Now THERE is a recording crying to be made!


Ohhhh.... Deed, how wonderful! I would sooo love to hear that! Imelda looks fab and I'm sure she sounds even better. And to have Duane's guitar with that voice - I have trouble thinking of a better combination. Please can they tour Australia??


Oh, now.... I do say, this is awesomeness!


What numbers did Duane play ? I am aware that 'Peter Gunn' was one of them but would like to know the others please.


Very, very cool, Deed! And for a great cause..! Have a wonderful trip !


Very cool and thanks for sharing these, Miss Deed.


So far, I have heard a figure of close to two million pounds. That includes the online auction, which I am proud to say featured a Duane Eddy 6120. The final amount for that was nearly $7,000.

Set list: Movin' and Groovin', Forty Miles of Bad Road, Shazam, Three Thirty Blues, First Love First Tears, Because They're Young, Peter Gunn, Rebel Rouser. With Imelda May: Tennessee Waltz, I Walk the Line, Ring of Fire, Rollin' and Tumblin'

In the photo: Robert Plant backstage with Dylan Myerscough-Harris (son of Whispering Bob) with auction items. Photo by Bob Harris


Robert Plant, Cool! Will the recording be available in the states?


There was no recording on this night that I know of...that doesn't mean there isn't one! : )


Many thanks for the set list Deed. An amazing amount raised for a worthwhile cause only wish you both could have stayed longer in the UK ! It was good of Bob Harris to make his photographs available -a nice guy.


The set list included "Ring of Fire". Veeery interesting. Since it was listed "with Imelda May" and following "I Walk the Line" I am curious as to which version it might have been.

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