Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Shocking confession from Duane!


...well at least ol' Bert Weedon was shocked


With the natural talent Duane has perhaps practice is not neccessary ! Bert was a very proficient guitar player but , unlike Duane, when you heard him play - quite frankly - it could have been anybody.


The full quote is, "I don't practise law, therefore Weedon-Eddy Associates regretfully cannot take on your case, Mr Goodwin."


Well it was so pleasing that Duane and Bert came together , for a most interesting ' friendly chat ' ! - Both guitar gents known for being held in high esteem and pleasing musical expertise , that from the 50s onwards captured our attention . The picture of Duane with Bert is one I love to see time and time again . I bet Duane often reflects on his meeting with the late Bert ! Keith Goodwin and the N.M.E. did a good job !


Thanks for posting. Two greats but I never thought they ever crossed paths but they did. Not two guys I would have ever crossed paths. Cool they did.


Here's another photo of Duane & Bert, taken three years later, in 1963.


Man, those are two bitchin' Guilds. The DE is a classic, of course. But I didn't know there was such a thing as a '63 Starfire V with DeArmonds. But I found another, so I guess that's what it is.

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