Duane Eddy's House of Twang



After the success of our June convention the Duane Eddy Circle announces the second worldwide Duane Eddy Convention. This is an online zoom event and you must register using email below to attend. There will be lots of rare audio/video material, live music and much more.

Date Sunday 29 November at 4PM UK time, 11AM New York time and 8AM Los Angeles time. More details on duaneeddycircle facebook page

To register send an email to decuknov@gmail.com


Modern technology is there and it saves the day where the Duane Eddy Conventions are concerned ! The modern technology is not perfect and of course goes on evolving ! --- But the concept of the world wide convention is great beamed into the home . Online zoom not quite rocket science for me . Keeping Duane's fans safe and secure within their own 4 walls ! - Those staging the second momentous event deserve our gratitude and Duane's music still rules OK !


Did we mention that attending is FREE, however you still need to register in order to receive the zoom invite


Second worldwide Duane Eddy Convention live online (zoom) today


What an excellent Convention this afternoon. Excellent videos of Duane and Duane wannabes ! Also some very good ‘live’ performances. An interesting, informative and enjoyable event. Well done to Arthur, Jim, and Philip.


The D.E.Circle technicians , so successfully made the world a smaller place . Sincere thanks to all that made the incredible Convention possible . So glad that I switched to my wife's Apple I pad . The reception was great and the content had to be 10 out of 10 !! ... The second Duane Eddy showpiece par excellence brought us closer to the great ' Safaris ' - Would love to see them doing something special with our hero !

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