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Possible Tracking Device for stolen items…?


This caught my eye today

trackr bravo

A gadget about the size of a quarter that you can use Smart Phone apps to locate.

The things go for around thirty bucks or less and if they have the range they could be a cheap bit of insurance and a way to recover stolen guitars, particularly in that first 36 hours after theft.

Put it in the guitar case, in a slit in the lining even. Or perhaps even in the guitar itself


Someone mentioned this a few years ago here. I wonder if a similar system to pet IDs would work.


lol - according to the last bit, a good way of finding other peoples lost stuff!


The pet ID chip doesn't give off a signal strong enough to be picked up at any real distance. It's like a subcutaneous bar code... something that doesn't require battery to work.


Wow, How big is this thing ? What is the autonomy ? do you have a link cause I need one for my girl



About $20.00 ea and works off bluetooth technology. You can stick these in the guitar case where they won't be seen. Your item has to be near a bluetooth activated phone or auto but hey, that's everywhere, these days.


I wonder how effective they would have been in the guitar thefts we read about?

This kind of thing has been yanking on me really hard these past couple of months. I've had my guitar stolen twice. First time I got it back, second time I did not. A gadget like this may well have rescued my other guitar.

I'd even go for a separate box attuned to the frequency of the mini device. All the GPS technology could be in it.

Something like that could save someone the pain of a stolen guitar.

Keep an eye out, folks, and report back if you find something more practical


Seems like it could be something good. Eventually, maybe even now depending on where you live and what their network looks like. I wonder, if you're the TrackR app user that passes by a nearby lost/stolen item do you have to have the app running in the background on your phone for it to ping it?

  • TrackRs are enabled by Bluetooth low energy, so the range of connectivity is up to 100ft

  • When an item goes missing with a TrackR device attached, all TrackR enabled phones will begin to search for that item. When another TrackR app user passes nearby the lost item, that user's phone will anonymously ping our server to update the item's owner with new GPS coordinates of when & where it was last seen.

  • We understand that Bluetooth tags are a new technology and that there is plenty of room for growth in our network. We currently hold the largest Crowd GPS network in the world and plan to maintain this lead.


I like these because they look like guitar picks. In fact it gives me an idea for a guitar pic.


Wow, those pixies are really cool but did they to the job on long distance ? Moreover, the others brand say it would connect to you through other users (that have their iphone with bluetooth and passive app of the device open... that is to say that you are very lucky if you get a signal from your stolen item...)


I think the Pixies are only for fining your lost keys in your house, but that are the coolest looking.


I think all Carvin guitars now have the Snagg chip implanted, but pretty sure it's just a scan thing and not emitting a signal.


This thing might work:


It uses GPS and cell for tracking/locating. It gives off an active signal. Because of this, you have to recharge it's battery every few days.


These work. It's like LoJack

Btw, PLEASE record the serial # of your guitars

These days, with LEADS online and pawn shops hooked into the system, any PD that uses LEADS can enter that serial # when they take the report and the program will even notify the investigator arcane pointing the future if that serial # shows up

Best practice is to photograph or video your guitars and their serials - offering rock solid proof for insurance as well

Pawn shops are BY FAR the preferred route sprackers fence guitar AND KNOWING YOUR SERIAL by far offers the best chance you'll get it back


Stew-Mac had some system for sale a few years back. It sounded like a pet ID system. They don't seem to be offering it anymore. Great thread topic; I always worry when the guitars aren't in front of me.

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