Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Review of Duane’s RCA singles compilation, Guitar Star.


The fact that we have these splendid tracks is neither here nor there. Putting the RCA ' A ' sides and ' B ' sides together is just great , a CD to treasure ! - But perhaps most importantly , for new Duane fans , placing that first foot on the Eddy recording ladder ! - It has to be a case of start right !!


I just received an email from Real Gone Music saying that my CD was shipped today. Also, the first 100 customers will receive an autographed booklet from Duane.


Listened to it over the weekend. The sound quality is superb!


As the reviewer states, the booklet that comes with the CD is excellent, with comments from Duane about most of the tracks.


Why yes, it is. Duane Eddy, Guitar Star. I wish I could just send each of you a copy. xx

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