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Rebel Rouser Bill Frisell


Recently I was given a copy of Guitar in the Space Age 2014 by Bill Frisell and to my surprise is a version of Rebel Rouser, seems he was influenced and listened to all kinds of music as teenager and put together this album. As ever with his music its a journey" into space maybe " worth a listen along with Pipeline and others. I like the way it builds and introduces many other aspects.


Thanks .will give it a listen!


I like that. I think I'll go and fire up the reverb.


I like the way it builds and introduces many other aspects.

I couldn't agree more, great CD btw


That’s probably the best cover I’ve ever heard of that tune, thanks for sharing.


That record was on the playlist in my car for a couple of years; it's a fun recording. All of the selections are excellently played by the band and it's hard to pick one as being notable over another, but Surfer Girl really stands out as well.

Bill has really pointed the way for others in the jazz world to look outside of the standard and classic repertoire, or highly complex original compositions. To play inside (instead of over) simple structures and relate to the melody as the first priority presents a different set of challanges, not to mention that it would have been a glaring omission if one of Duane's tunes had not been included in this recording.


I like Bills approach, I have luckily got to see him a couple of times in the UK and in New York at the Vanguard, its always a journey" .


I am always interested in hearing a different approach, and this one is certainly different. I miss the modulations and the fire that the saxophone added in Duane's original version, but this is very listenable.

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