Duane Eddy's House of Twang



It is no secret that I admire and respect Duane and his music without limits, and his contribution to enjoyable listening for all of us. This particular tune is Duane's composition, and I took a little artistic liberty, mostly because I had only heard him play it one time, and I was going strictly by memory. Even though I strayed a little, Duane said he enjoyed hearing another take on it.

I didn't do a good job recording. You will hear some clips here and there. It was a little hot, but Duane always pushes the limits anyway.

So, I offer this as a toast to my hero, and to the lovely lady by his side.



That was great. I even put Tommy Emanuel on pause to listen to this. Well worth the effort.


thanks, Richard ! as always, it's great to hear you play. I enjoyed it.


I enjoyed that Richard,thanks for sharing sir!


Great job, Richard. Always a pleasure to hear you play.


I sure appreciate it, Gentlemen. Duane's music always has life. Maybe a little earthier description would be better, like the way Chet described it, but I'll just stick to that one since we have women and children watching. Everything stops when I hear something that sounds like his guitar. Sometimes it's a false alarm, and I go on about my business, but it it's the real deal, I have to stop and listen. I love that big, rumbling Duane Eddy sound.


The song is great, Richard. Duane is spot on! But credit to you, you play with great phrasing and feeling. That is not always the case, even with pickers that are very talented. Your playing is close to singing.


" Ragbone " was the big surprise on Duane's UK Ronco album . - Another surprise being ' rebel yells ' done by Duane Eddy Circle luminaries . --- It should never be forgotten that actress Lorraine Chase did the commercial on ITV to publicise the record . With from memory the immortal words , " What ever happened to that there Duane Eddy then " ? -- One good reason to tune in to ITV ! - " Ragbone " excitingly different amid Duane's hits ! - I wonder if other tracks were left in the can from that recording session ?


Les, thank you for chiming in and filling in some blanks on the info side. Don, thank you for such kind remarks. I really appreciate it. I have been indeed fortunate to spend precious little time with Duane, and it is always a learning experience, whether guitars are involved or not. He is a wealth of rock and roll history, and just plain old common sense.

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