Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Quite possibly the coolest Gretsch pose(s) ever…


This is a well known shot of Duane, but I have to say it's just about the coolest pose of a guitarist slinging a Gretsch I've ever seen. From the super sharp clothes and hair and the James Dean intense expression and the up on the toes bent knees pose that gives Elvis a run for his money, to the incredible '57 Gretsch 6120.....this is 1950's cool at it's coolest!

I have to give honorable mention to Eddie Cochran too...Eddie also striking a James Dean attitude pose here, again 1950s coolness personified.

Two super cool Gretsch slingin' cats!


The two photos take the prizes , for most iconic guitar poses ever ! - Duane and Eddie rock hero's , gretsch master players , who made those London American singles so special ! - Thanks for posting great pictures !


The founding fathers of guitar player cool!


Loved watching the videos that Ric12string posted in the NAMM thread. Duane still has that same swagger on stage that he had back then. So cool. Love these pic's.


What a superb staging for The Girl Can't Help It. A curtain, a suitcase amp and that guitar.

Love the tape on the floor. Talk about hitting the mark.

Duane never seems to pose, the music breathes through unaffected subconscious stance.


This one ain't too bad either.


I've always been partial to this pose, myself.


Then there's always this cat! Notice the Duane autograph on the lower bout of Paul's Country Club.


Duane's shot should come with sound effects...pew pew pew...


I've always been partial to this guy

I like this one too


You mean it's not this one?

– Charlie Vegas



It's gotta be really hard to play while in those positions.

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