Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Portland, Maine (1959)


Duane & Jim Horn.


Oh man! I LOVE this. Not only because it's a boss picture of the man himself, but it was taken in Maine (where I have chosen to make my home).


The classic ‘Twang’ pose. Great photograph and one I had not seen before. I am assuming that the guy partly hidden by Jim is Al Casey on bass guitar ?

Thanks Tony.


He makes it looks so easy nowadays, however, I love seeing him in full 'Twang' mode!


The young ladies in the audience look full of warm enthusiasm ! But there is one chap in the front row , with a look of slight disinterest . Well I guess you always get one , I bet he really loved the show !


Have never seen this great photo before! It’s so full of emotion to me, the excitement on the faces of those kids and Duane rockin' out. Thanks so much, Tony.


So cool! I wish he’d come play in Portland now!

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