Duane Eddy's House of Twang

PCMA Nashville


Duane with Steve Cropper at the PCMA in Nashville last night:-


Yes, they were there, but this photo is from a few years ago. Give me a minute...


Oops - Red Face Time!! The photo is from the PCMA web site so I made too many assumptions - sorry about that!!


Oh man. Please tell me someone recorded that and has it for sale. At least, a playlist? Then I can try to imagine what I missed.


Two titanic guitar players , with the ability to deliver music that pulls you up in your tracks ! - " Green Unions " has that quality - " Ring of Fire " from the time of its release has the same impact potency . Duane and Steve together is the sort of musical collaboration , that dreams are made of ! - But was the moving pictures department on cue ?

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