Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Nice feature in Vintage Rock magazine !


In the current issue of Vintage Rock magazine , we have a most interesting four page feature about Dan Auerback ! - He refers to important influences , namely Duane and Link Wray . Both are mentioned several times . Wray being a hero and how he loves working with veteran rockers like Duane Eddy too ! I particularly like the reference to Duane's beautiful , flowing melodies ! - There is a great action picture of Link , I guess I missed out on much of his work . Both guitar titans had been compared in terms of being similar by the magazine . However the erroneous suggestion is corrected by Dan , notwithstanding that he does concede that , " Simplicity is the key ! " - " Son of Rumble " will be an interesting track . The acknowledgement that Dan Auerback rates the Eddy sound so highly and knowing that they have collaborated . - Dan leaves us with the worlds most tantalizing phrase , " Watch this space ! ? "


Is that issue 35 of Vintage Rock? Haven’t seen that yet


Is that issue 35 of Vintage Rock? Haven’t seen that yet

– Vince_Ray

Yes 35 Vince and its one of the best to date !

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