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New Compilation of Arizona Music


This is a fabulous story. Arizona artists covering other Arizona artists. To benefit a great cause.

Included on this massive comp is my cover of Duane's "Blue City". Kudos to Cooder, as well.

Bax - if it's inappropriate to post this in this section, I apologize. Please move or delete if so.



Obviously, this is an extremely worthy cause. I was surprised by the choice of material (Blue City). The guitar work is excellent, and I love it.

Duane Eddy


I seem to recall having heard your rendition and enjoying it immensely. Nice that you got to participate, Tommy.


Wow. Made my year. Thank you so much, Duane. And Deed, for reading, sharing with Duane, and responding. This means so much to me.


Caring is obviously at the top of this particular agenda ! - " Blue City " is a song full of emotive meanings and I'm thinking about London at the moment !


Good to see you round these parts Tommy.


Bump, come on folks 100 tracks of great music, (that's 6 hours 22 minutes worth). I've been listening to it all day, it's making house renovation a lot more bearable.

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