Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Nashville Ledger Article / Duane Eddy


Good article. I didn’t realize he was so close to becoming a Wilbury. He’s had a great career.


Very nice article. Always something new to learn about him.


Very cool read about an awesome gentleman.


Great article , that revealed the strong possibility , that Duane might come back to the UK next summer . For another concert , fingers crossed !


Yet another example of what a fascinating career Duane has had. Duanes memory is frankly amazing. His recall of recordings and meeting with other musicians is well worth a listen. The sooner the projected autobiography is in book shops the better !


Cool article ,thanks for sharing!


Great article, thanks for sharing. I honestly had no idea that Duane had rubbed elbows with those guys to that extent. I always assumed that the guy who wrote all that great music was somehow removed from the later artists. (Don’t ask me why, think I always thought Of him in a class of his own) nice to get some connectivity in regards to some of my all time favorites. The article also reminds me about my times at the Palomino Club. Many a night I warmed a barstool and heard a lot of great music too.

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