Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Musical Instrument Museum


The 'Duane Eddy Circle' tipped me off about the [hopefully] attached.Link...


It's a shame that after months of trying to get the curator to contacts us back about the potential for the Musical Instrument Museum to display a large collection of vintage Gretsch instruments from a celebrity collector (wink-wink), they just couldn't see their way clear to even respond to the proposal. At least they see the value in the Duane stuff.


This past weekend I was in Phoenix and stopped in at the Musical Instrument Museum. It's a really impressive museum, and definitely worth the trip. Of course, I bee-lined to the AZ musician section to see Duane's original Gretsch. For whatever reason, it wasn't on display, but the Howard double neck was as was the recording equipment and a few other items.

There was lots of other amazing stuff on display - modern and antique instruments from all over the world - I spent a lot of time admiring the exhibits and not so much taking photos. I did however have to get shots of Dick Dale's Showman and Reverb tank.

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