Duane Eddy's House of Twang

MIA?? We seem to be missing our den mother.


Has anyone heard from Miss Deed recently? I may be out to lunch entirely, but it appears to me that Mrs E has been keeping a very, very low profile for a couple of months.

I do hope all is well and nothing is amiss.

Note- I did try a PM about two weeks ago, but given their reliability quotient, it may not have been rec'd. (No offence intended, Bax, they've actually always worked for me)


Yes, of some concern! Hope Duane is ok. I say PM is tostada/kaput.


The same had occurred to me. I hope is well in the Eddy household.

Where are ya, Miss Deed?


Someone needs to post something inappropriate to lure her back.


I hope the Eddys are just too busy with family and whatever blessings may have come their way.


the duane eddy circle facebook page seems current and up to date..duane reported to having done a video on feb 19th and accepting an award soon after...so hopefully all is well



If anything will work, neatone, surely that picture will.

I've frequently wondered as well, but didn't want to importune. Hope it wasn't something I said.

We miss you, Eddys!


I was wondering as well. Hopefully she is just taking a break but reads this thread and responds with even a simple hello.


Maybe more kitty pictures will help....like Sergei sleeping on the dryer.


More kitty pics can’t hurt. Here’s our Agnes playing the movie star.


Deed is indeed the mainstay of these threads , going back quite a while !


Another kittypic with Gretsch content.Maybe that'll help!


Hope the Eddys are doing well.


We Miss ya, Miss Deed. BIG HUGS!!


"calling occupants of interplanetary craft!"


gdp to deed..haha

btw- when this was first released on capitol records way back when, there were rumors that there was some beatle involvement!!..



Hey Deed and Duane. Hope all is well.


Do I spy a familiar li'l guitar-slinger...?


Ok, the kitties did the trick xxx

They may be adorable, but you are all the sweetest. I’m sorry to be so late to the party, I just lost my mo for while. I’m sure you’ve been there, too.

All's well at our house, Duane’s been in the studio a few times, and last week he was presented the Master Award from the Ameripolitan Music Association. We couldn’t be there in Memphis, so James Intveld came to Nashville for the presentation.

I’ll post a few photos to help catch up. xxx


Duane recorded an acceptance video with the help of Jay McDowell and the Musicians Hall of Fame.


It's great to see your twangin' cat, ma'am. Hope you get your mo back, we miss you. Come 'round and see us sometime!

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