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I have been listening to a lot of Marty Stuart lately. I know Duane played on " The Shape I'm In" on Marty's 1992 album but can anyone tell me if Duane plays on the track " The Wild One" from his 1989 Hillbilly Rock album. If its not Duane then Marty has the twang just right.


I'm gun shy with these thread titles.

– hammerhands

Me too. My first thought was Oh no, what now.


Love me some Marty!!! One of the tightest bands I've ever seen, and not just instrumentally, but vocally as well! Not many bands out there that can can play AND SING (4-part harmony, some of it acapella!) that well anymore, it's a dying breed.

Another band that is THAT good is Los Lonely Boys. Unbelievable.


Apologies, never meant to scare anyone. Never crossed my mind. I will be more careful next time. I was just trying to highlight my admiration for a great artist.


Marty really seems like a mensch, a consummate artist and person. I love that he, with all his stature, is very happy to also become a sideman to 'his guitarist' Cousin Kenny Vaughn's works. Enough ego (in a good way) to hold center stage, for decades now, and enough humility to be a supporter and participant in ensembles. Deed has mentioned what a lovely guy he is. All that talent and fame, and yet his love for music and the people who play it is never compromised. Love this thing he organized for Earl Scruggs not so long before he passed.


Can watch this one over and over and over as well:

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