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Lee Hazelwood played guitar ?


To my surprise I read recently that Lee Hazelwood played guitar ! Did he play on any of Duane's records ? - Did he play as part of his song writing talent or what ?


I seem to recall Miss Deed saying that he did not do any playing on any recording, but I can't find any mention in past posts. I'm sure he knew a few chords, but when you have The Wrecking Crew and so many gifted players to carry the heavy load, why would you? Here is a link to Nancy Sinatra's site, notes for Nancy & Lee 3 particularly for Duane's mega epic song She Won't.

There is also a great picture of Duane, his 6120 and Nancy. The 6120 is not Duane's original; it's one of the first generation signature Gretsch Duane Eddy models from 1997-8, and it seems he recorded the song with that model. Take the time to go through her site as she is quite the racontour. There is a very funny story about a song Lee wrote about a fight he witnessed between Al Casey and his wife. But don't have your mouth full of coffee as I did. Made a mess all over the desk I laughed so hard.


I have a clear memory of Duane & The Rebels on American Bandstand in the late Fifties playing "Forty Miles of Bad Road" live with Lee on bass.


As Lee once said "The way I play guitar has increased piano sales nearly 10% a year" - quote taken from "Lee, Myself & I" by Wyndham Wallace. In 2019 Light in the Attic released an album of tracks by Lee that were probably recorded in 1955/56 and Lee is thought to be playing guitar on these tracks.


He played on, and produced, Nancy Sinatra's early albums. Most of the licks were pretty simple but ultimately effective.


Bang Bang (my baby shot me down)


Lee certainly produced all of Nancy's classic early albums, but is there any evidence that he played on any of the tracks?


No info about his playing, but I've become a big fan of his later work with Nancy. The Nancy/Lee 3 album has some real gems,it will surprise you if all you know of her are the early hits stuff.

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