Duane Eddy's House of Twang

King of a One Horse Town - Station Inn Nashville


I think you will enjoy this live version, from Dan Auerbach's concert in Nashville last night:


I like this a lot, ... I guess I'm not so much a music video guy anymore, that version didn't grab me.

But then, again, this one is The Station Inn!

Which does wonders for "keeping it real"...


Really cool! Do you know the names of the other band members? Always nice to see two Gretsches on a stage


Russ Paul on that Gretsch, Nick Bockrath (Cage The Elephant) on Dano and other electric guitars, Dave Roe (with Johnny Cash for many years) on bass. Gene Chrisman on drums, and Bobby Wood on keyboard. These are Memphis Boys, and you have heard them on so many huge, classic hits. Pat McLaughlin on acoustic and mandolin. Pat is a very successful songwriter and has toured with John Prine for years.

Here's the rest of the story

It was a blast hearing the whole album in such a great setting. The Station Inn is a small bluegrass club, but people go there to really listen. There were fourteen people on the stage during one song...should have been a train wreck, and in other circumstances it easily could have been. Wish you all had been there with us.


Thank you Deed. I would love to have been there.

If anyone is interested in the rest of the album, NPR is streaming the whole thing, and I believe it will be released tomorrow.


Updated Video.


Must have been fun!

That's the video that should be used going forward...


It is, released by Dan Auerbach's label.


That Duane Baritone Guitar blows me away!!

EDIT: It's probably the man wielding it.

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