Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Joe Chambers interview 2009


Joe posted this yesterday.

We know Duane is a gent and this short piece gives an insight into the innate humanity and humility of the man.

Kudos, Duane.


Good stuff, thanks for sharing


Interesting video. Joe C introduced us to Joe Chambers at the MHOF during the 2019 Nashville roundup. Very nice guy. He showed us Chet’s last car which he had just acquired and some other things. Also, what can you say about Duane? A true gentleman.


Great interview, I enjoyed it very much. Duane is such a gentleman, and appears to be very humble. He gave high praise to the black musicians in Watts. Thanks for sharing it with us, Richard.


I'll have to skip ahead to this one. I've been spending many hours catching up on his youtube site. Great stuff.

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