Duane Eddy's House of Twang

International Duane Eddy Circle Convention(Virtual)


The First World Wide Duane Eddy Convention(Virtual) Sunday June 28th, 2020

4pm UK time,

5pm/17.00 European time,

11am US Eastern Coast time,

8am US West Coast time

• Rare video/audio including Duane on the UK Bobby Darin Spectacular, 1960 • Quiz prizes, including an autographed copy of “Twangy Guitar Silky Strings" and Jeremy Fetzer's "Mendocino" vinyl single • Your chance to talk about Duane and reminisce • Convention to last approximately 2 hours

Today, we should be holding the annual Duane Eddy Convention, but the world has changed and we all are changing the way we communicate. We see this as an incredible opportunity for any Duane Eddy fan in the world to join us free, to enjoy some of Duane’s rarest performances, ‘meet’ a whole world of fellow fans and win rare quiz prizes.

Whilst there will be loads of rare video and chat, the day is all about us, so contributions are welcome. Musicians might want to play a tribute to Duane (just let us know ahead of time).

Just email duaneeddyconvention20@gmail... and we will send you the details of how to join us on Zoom. It is easy and free.


Wonderful thing you guys are doing. I have duties at my local church that will interfere, otherwise I would be there.


Yes, very well done! Should be great. Really looking forward to it!


Ground braking International Duane Eddy Convention ( Virtual ) - The D.E. Circle reaching out to the fans in a most innovative way !


Terrific idea, look forward to joining you all in June!!


Just a quick ‘good luck’ to Arthur, Jim and the guys for Sunday.


dammit! Its sunday morning.. I gotta work till 1130am. Why is it on sunday? :(


What if Duane or Deed made a ( virtual ) trip across the pond ? - Dreaming I guess ! ---- The Duane Eddy Circle luminaries are to perform a world shrinking exercise . To use similar words to a late MP in the UK , " We have so much more in common , than that , that divides us " !

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