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Imelda May Talks About Duane


Johnnie and I are very proud of having played a part in introducing Duane & Deed to Imelda May. When Imelda recently wrapped up her tour of America and Canada at Chicago's Park West theater she invited us backstage to talk for a while. During the conversation the topic turned to her recent charity appearance with Duane. To say the least, she kinda likes him. To see what we mean, just check out the video of our conversation. Link


cool...touching...nice to see imelda pushing forward into new territory..but with respect to her roots...via our old gdp friend darrel....

best to both of them...and their daughter!!...



She's a darlin'. If you get the chance, go see her. You'll love her too.


Great interview! Coincidentally today is her birthday, so Happy Birthday, Imelda!


thanks for posting the link. that was great ! enjoyed every minute.

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