Duane Eddy's House of Twang

How to get close to that Duane Eddy twang


No one ever really gets close to Duane's unique sound , though many have tried to emulate and jump on the Eddy bandwagon ! When I first heard the early sixties , Ramrods " Ghost Riders In The Sky " rendition . - I thought I know who you have been studying , for your homework ! - - - Of course at a later time , Glen Campbell was out to impress Duane , hitting the right notes !


Pardon me ignorance....but what amp did Duane use for those late 50s/60s tunes?


Vince, Google "Duane Eddy Howard amps"...!


I was trying to find Duane’s SOUND and got about every Tremolo pedal that I could find but none could really do it right . And then in the bottom of my bag I found a pedal my friend had given me as a present. It was a Dan electro cool cat chorus. I hooked that into my Gretsch. And Voila !!!!! I found his exact sound. I called my friend and thanked him profusely for giving me that pedal that I have never tried before. Use it and you’re just about nail his sound. Oh I forgot to say I play it through my 1965 fender deluxe reverb reissue amplifier. The Dan electro chorus has a bit tremelo already but if I need to add some more I’ve got it in the fender amp But I find the pedal alone without using the amplifier tremolo has its own tremolo and sounds great.


Tommy Tedesco said that once he was talking to Duane and asked him, "Does anyone ever ask you to sound like me?"


Some of us fell for the unique Duane Eddy sound when we were still at school , me having been introduced to it by a cousin of mine , who gave me a couple of Duane's first singles ! - There had been many instrumental records before . But the Eddy sound captured my imagination & used pocket money to buy each new release , prior to starting work . Then because apprentice money , believe it or not was probably less than the price of his first albums . - Purchases took a little longer !


I've always just dropped the needle onto the vinyl, to get Duane's sound.

There are guys out there that are very good at emulating the touch of some artists. I'm still trying to sound like me.

Dweezil Zappa can do several artists sounds and pull it off very well.

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