Duane Eddy's House of Twang

How I spent my summer vacation…


Not really, but Duane spent a whole lot of time in the studio with Dan Auerbach and the greatest bunch of musicians on the planet. The end result is a total blast, I know you're gonna love this record.

Dan Auerbach's new album is coming


I really like how a lot of artists are showing Duane love lately. Steve Wariner and now Dan Auerbach. Always great to see them bring Duane in for some playing. The music is all better because of it!


That is way cool! Seems like he's got his mind in the right spot, getting all of those veterans. Others should follow his lead.


Very cool, Deed! Can't wait for the record! Dan seems like such a cool guy- and TALENTED! There was a nice piece on him and Patrick on a CBS Sunday Morning episode awhile back that gave some neat insight into them- very family oriented guys. I see Mr. Knopfler was enlisted as well.. Great to see Duane working on this effort with Dan!


Duane's sound is so readily identifiable , I bet other artists are forming a line around the block , to get the guitar king , on their recordings. - " Waiting on a Song " is what the myriad of fans will be doing ! - A little impatiently , but one knows after the wait , what is going to be the talk of the town ! ------ Will Duane ever be allowed to retire ? - I know he alluded to the fact once . - To paraphrase , " The phone rings and off I go again , with my guitar ! "


I've got front row tickets to see John Prine in London. Can't wait.


It wasn't that long ago we agreed The Black Keys and Dan should be "a lot more" popular, not to suggest that either he or they aren't!

Good for everyone...


Love the early Black Keys material. Refreshing to see him collaborating with Duane and other respected artists.

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