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Happy Birthday to Richard Hawley


The very happiest of days to you, Richard. Walk the dog, have some cake, enjoy a pint (or two). We'll celebrate all over again when we come back to Sheffield.


Richard's Berlin show was one of the music highlights in 2012 for me. Although I doubt he'll ever read this:

Happy Birthday, man!!!

P.S. I took this picture and quite like it.


Happy Birthday sir and hope you have a great day. With Deed's original post in mind, please do not feel obligated to limited the beverage activities to 2 pints! :P


I hope that you have a great birthday. It would also be nice to have you join us on the Gretsch Pages every now and then too, Richard.


Richard, Deed and Duane have nothing but the best things to say about you, so even though we haven't met, that makes you fine in my books. Happy Birthday to you, Sir. Hope to have the opportunity to meet you someday.


Happy Birthday Richard. You epitomise the shine and keen cutting edge of Sheffield steel, with your unique brand of music ! - Glad that you are coming to Leamington Spa in February at " The Assembly " - just bet you put an extra fizz in the Spa water !!


Happy Birthday Richard

You brought the "Twang" back to England...... thank you :D :D :D :D



Happy Birthday Richard - Anne & I hope you have had a great day (even the snow stayed away so as not to spoil your celebrations). Best wishes for a truly successful 2013.


Have a Happy Birthday, Richard!


Richard is the man. Happy Birthday Richard.


Sascha, what makes you doubt that Richard Hawley would be reading these birthday greetings? ;-)


Nothing anymore, Deed. I love it when a plan comes together. ;-)


Richard, Hope your birthday was wonderful.


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