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Happy birthday Duane !



Here's a cool pic I ran across this am....


Happy birthday Duane, many happy returns, I hope you have fantastic day!


Happy Birthday Duane!


Happy Birthday, Duane! I hope that you and Deed have a great day of celebration.


Cheers to your birthday, Duane. May you live yet many, many years and continue to enjoy life as a successful recording and performing artist.

All the best to you on your birthday.



Here's a cool pic I ran across this am....

– spike

While hopefully not derailing this great thread to honor the King of Twang's birthday, here is some information that Deed shared with us about that photograph and Bobby Darin's touring of England at the same time as Duane:

Eddie Cochran and Duane were touring England at the same time. This advert for the Liverpool Empire shows Eddie and Gene Vincent working the week of March 14-21, and Duane and Bobby Darin worked the week of March 28-April 3. George told me that he and his mates would wait outside The Adelphi Hotel to see Duane and his band leave for the theater. At these shows Duane played Trambone, introducing it as a Chet Atkins tune, which led George to learn more about Chet.

Tragically, within a few weeks time, Eddie Cochran would lose his life in a car crash.


Hope you’re having a great birthday Duane! Cheers! - Dan


Rock your day, Mr. Eddy.


Happy Birthday, Duane!


BTW- co-incident with Duane's big day, ME-TV aired the episode of "Have Gun, Will Travel" that featured him this morning.

I had not seen it before, so it was new to me, and very enjoyable.


Thanks, everybody, I’m honored that you all took the time to send kind words and wish me Happy Birthday. Turned out to be a great one, and your good wishes certainly contributed to it. Thanks again, my friends...


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