Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Happy birthday Duane !


Have a great day Duane, wishing you many happy returns on your birthday.


For a change I'm early with birthday wishes. Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one, Sir !


Since you're only as old as you play, here's wishing many kinds of happy contentments and joy to the one-and-only Titan of Twang on his everlasting 21st birthday.


Happy Birthday, Duane! Best wishes for a year of health and happiness.


Happy Birthday, Duane! Many thanks for all the wonderful music and inspirations!


From a ways north and west of you, have a terrific Birthday, Duane!


Have a super birthday, Duane!


Happy Birthday, Duane! wishing you many more years of health and happiness from all your fans in the UK.


It's a day early for those of us on the dirty and shakey side of the pond, but a big Happy Birthday to His Royal Highness, The King of Twang. Undisputed. No doubt about it.


Happy Birthday Duane , have a great day , you must have the most loyal fans in the world ! - Because you bring so much joy with your music ! - Please keep ' twanging ' if you feel able to come back to the UK one day please do !


Whooooweeee, God bless you Duane on your Birthday!! Keep rippin' on that Gretsch guitar and making beautiful music! Spoil him Deed!!


Well, it's finally the 26th out here, so be sure you have a great day, sir! And Karen and I sincerely hope to be wishing you the same again every year for a long time to come!


Happy Birthday, Duane!


A very happy birthday to you Duane! The Wheelgrinders are thinking of you today!


HAPPY 81st BIRTHDAY Duane - have wonderful day my friend. Twang on and best regards to Deed.

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