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Hal Blaine has left the building


One of the greatest drummers, you’ve heard him and didn’t know it.


Sad. A hero of mine. Happy that he left such a huge legacy.


What a legacy, rest easy.


I remember somebody saying that he had just realized that Hal Blaine was 12 of his favorite drummers. R.I.P.


A legend. RIP, Hal!


wow..sad news...one of the greatest session drummers of all time..him and earl palmer!!

his chromatically tuned drums were the pet sounds sound

rip..the mighty hal blaine!!



Very Sad News....

He had quite the career, and I am sure a lot of stories.


I do believe he played immortal drum opening and thru this song... always a fave because DORK top 40 from the 60s is really my favorite stuff. I am not kidding here.

What a badass sounding snare

Enhanced version here


Awwwww, nuts! Hal was the drummer on so many of my favorite records growing up --- the Beach Boys, Grass Roots, Turtles, Mamas and Papas, the Byrds, Johnny Rivers, the Association, Simon & Garfunkel, the 5th Dimension, Tijuana Brass, ... even the "Batman" theme.

He made it to 90 --- not too shabby!

Thanks for all the great music, Mr. Blaine!


Duane spoke with Don Randi last week, and they talked at length about the great 90th birthday bash thrown for Hal very recently. Every musician who was able to be there was there. Hal said it was the best day of his life.

One of the funniest people on the planet, I’d recommend Hal's book. You’ll learn stuff, and you’ll laugh your brains out.


When I was 6, I’d put my little 3-piece drumkit in front of the basement TV on Tuesday nights at 8:30 so I could play along with the theme to Hawaii Five-O (that was some badass music when you’re 6.). Unbeknownst to me, I’d already heard that same drummer on so much other stuff that totally knocked me out at the time, like “Indian Reservation” by Paul Revere and the Raiders (that 8th note triplet tom bit that was a hook in that song, man...), The Monkees stuff that I’d held so dear, the cool rock stuff in “Batman”.....

So much drumming on the radio and TV that inspired me to want to start playing in 1969, it turns out, were one guy.

His book is epic and fascinating.

R.I.P., sir.


I still remember his story about the drums on "Be My Baby' and how an "error" led to a huge, instantly recognizable hit.

Godspeed, Hal!

You will be missed, though your talents will live on.


Hal Blaine was the beat behind the soundtrack of my life. RIP Hal.


One of the best refutations of jokes that question that drummers are musicians.


Here's Hal Blaine at The Baked Potato in LA with Duane Eddy, Don Randi, Ry Cooder, Steve Douglas, and John Garnache (1983).


Very sad news. The ' Drummers drummer ' and by all accounts a very decent guy. As Deed states he is the drummer you did not know you were listening to as he played so many great sessions. He played with everybody from the Baja Marimba Band to Sinatra and Elvis and most everybody in between. What an amazing legacy he has left behind him. R.I.P. Hal.


a drum hero. we'll probably never see a drummer as versatile again, or a group of players to compare to the Wrecking Crew. Hal was also a mentor to studio players who came after him, most notably IIRC Jim Gordon to whom he used to give his excess sessions. sad to see a good man gone. RIP, and thanks for all the fish.


Thankfully we still have his music. Very sad day. His name will be remembered.


I just recently watched a video about his drum kit. RIP Hal, great songs, great drumming


Hal was so busy in the glory days of the '60s and '70s that he had three sets of drums rotating between the studios, delivered by his drum tech, as he had sessions starting at 10 in the morning and ending at who knows what hour late into the night. Hal used a motorcycle to zip around Hollywood as the studios were fairly close together. Those were heady days.


Another legend gone,RIP.


that must have been one heck of a difficult job, being Hal's drum tech. being The Edge's guitar wrangler is complicated enough, but at least Dallas only has to do it in one room at a time.


90 years is a long life and Hal seemed to have made the most of it and left us with a great legacy.

Rest well Hal, and thank you for the music.


There isn't much to add to this thread that hasn't already been said. I can only say that this is very sad news for me. Those songs were the soundtrack of my youth. Yes, he had a long life at ninety years, but it is still tough to lose someone whose talents and work you admired. I am thankful for the incredible storehouse of music that he has left us.

For anyone who isn't particularly familiar with Hal Blaine, try to watch the documentary about the Wrecking Crew, made by Tommy Tedesco's son, Danny. You will learn a bit about the Wrecking Crew and the whole L.A. recording industry scene back in the Sixties. More importantly, you will learn about Hal Blaine and what an integral cog he was in the L.A. music industry. The Wrecking Crew documentary was on Netflix, but I am not sure if it is still there to view. But, do try to find it and see it.


R.I.P. Hal . Drums were indeed his business ! A musical genius , with an innate ability to rise to the occasion with any song or style . In a way a drumming hero in the background , well deserved kudos was not always there to be universally acknowledged !

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