Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Gretsch sighting in Corning, NY!


So, we took a trip North to visit family and spent a few hours in Corning, New York. Home of the world famous glass museum and Steuben crystal. And the birthplace of Duane. So...we had a very nice lunch with Mayor Rich Negri and Corning DJ Frank Acomb. A few blocks away from Main Street was a great surprise. Imagine my excitement to see the mural shown on the building below! Artist Bret Steeves did a wonderful job, and I couldn’t wait to show you.


Project finished the end of July.


And then there’s this guy...


That is great!


Well how cooler could it get than that? There may be a little temporal displacement in showing Duane with a guitar that wasn't built for a few years after he left town...but their hearts are definitely in the right place, and it's spiritually right even if it stretches the history a bit. (And it's great for Gretsch too.)

Guess they're kinda claiming to be the birthplace of twang.

Which is fine. Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois all claim Abe Lincoln.


Awwww you shoulda stopped by. I'm right around the corner. Maybe next time.


Top and center!


That is so very cool. I love when people get creative like that.


It's good to see that you had beautiful blue skies. I'm not sure if I've ever been in Corning, but when I was 8 years old my family spent a three-week vacation at Keuka Lake.


Thanks Deed for sharing !


I've painted theater scenic canvases that large. The detail on that trompe o'loeil is amazing. Painting it on brick is rough. That's really well done! Kudos to the artist!

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