Duane Eddy's House of Twang

Graham Nash is in our town…


...for the Americana Music Association Awards. He was presented with the Spirit of Americana Free Speech Award. Prior to the show last night he spent some time at the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum. I haven't heard if he put that back in the display case!


No worries, Deed. I think the world of Graham Nash, but that is way too much guitar for him.


I don't know Ric12, when he did the Documentary on the RnR Hall of Fame he had to have wandered off with something...


Isn't that the same one Duane used on the '84 tour?


We often think of Graham Nash , being a founder member of the Hollies in the UK . I wonder if he still does some of their stuff just for the fun of it. Must be like hands across the pond for him with the duel citizenship ! ---- But like I always say , " If only him and Duane , could play and record something together !


Great picture Deed and thank you for sharing. Graham was and is a huge talent and have always been a big fan.

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