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Glen Campbell has left us


Duane Eddy recording session with Glen Campbell.


The personnel in that session reads like a page out of Who's Who In Rock. Very impressive. But, why would six guitarists be necessary on one session? Pretty cool.


Six guitar players. Each one did his own special thing. Neil Levang, who we saw in Lawrence Welk's orchestra, played gut string frequently, Bill Pittman played tic-tac Dano six string bass. Al Casey was the utility guy, playing all manor of stringed things. Glen and James were there alternating solos and occasional rhythm. And then there's Duane.

David Gates was a young singer/songwriter/arranger. He also was leader of the vocal group overdubbed later. Hal Blaine and Earl Palmer...do I have to explain? Don Robertson not only wrote some of the greatest standards of the American songbook, Please Help Me I'm Fallin’, I Really Don't Want to Know, Born To Be With You ...he came up with the slip-note piano style that Chet recognized as so unusual and commercial, having Floyd Cramer write something using that style which became Last Date.

Larry Knechtel and Jim Horn began their careers with Duane, after five years on the road with him they both made the decision to stay home and became giants in the LA session scene, as did Steve Douglas who played sax with Duane before Jim. So out of all the musicians listed on that session in September 1964, three had started out in Duane's band The Rebels. We're talking Wrecking Crew here. Add Steve Douglas, that makes four.

And the circle continued when David Gates formed a group a few years later and asked Larry Knechtel to join him. Bread was a huge success. Known for being first call on piano, bass, and harmonica, Larry jumped in on a track that David was having big trouble with, just couldn't get the right guitar sound. Knechtel was fearless, picked up a guitar and played that wahwah and solo that has become a classic. We miss him so much.

And one more thing. He did this...


Hey Miss Deed,

Thanks a lot for your "inside info". I enjoy your informative posts very much.


Deed you do have encyclopaedic knowledge on music through the decades . Why don't Duane and your good self, write the book that has been talked about, for so long together ?

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