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Glen Campbell has left us


I was ten years old when this song came out and I demanded that my father buy me this tune on cassette,which he did. What memories.

Glen Campbell,,, R.I.P. Sir.


Very sad end. What a talent. RIP


Loved watching his show as a kid. Him and John Hartman made a good team. Someone mentioned Glen being a country artist but I say he was one of the first crossover acts. Most of his big hits were played on pop radio stations. What a talent. The documentary about his last tour is a must see. Rest well, Glen.


I need to correct my reference to John Hartford, not Hartman, a great musician himself.


Duane worked with producer Jimmy Bowen on this album project and found this song for Glen. Written by Leon Russell. Beautiful.


I was ten years old when this song came out and I demanded that my father buy me this tune on cassette,which he did. What memories.

Glen Campbell,,, R.I.P. Sir.

– LA_Manny

Love that,looks like a casual gathering of some serious heavyweights having a blast, just the way I want to remember them.


A true legend in his own time.

I had the pleasure of seeing Glen's final tour when he came through my neck of the woods. It was bittersweet because he obviously wasn't entirely up to snuff in the performance, but the incredible love that the audience had for him during the show was palpable. Everyone was more than willing to overlook any imperfections because they all knew exactly what was going on and what an act of courage it was for Glen to be on the road at that time in his life.

I do have incredible admiration for his wife and children who seem to have been the most supportive family that one could ever hope to have.

You were a good one, Glen. Thanks for the countless hours of pleasure that you brought us all.


This is so sad -- the worst aspect is that a man of his talent and skills was afflicted with this awful disease which seems to have no hope for its victims.

Rest In Peace Glen. And thank you for all the wonderful music and Good Time Hours you gave us.


In the world of music, Glen Campbell has left a very large footprint. RIP


First time I saw him on TV he was playing banjo on Shindig, I think.

Great talent and came from nothing to become successful.

He introduced talent on his Goodtime Hour. I think John Hartford's career gained ground there, and many others: maybe even Roger Miller?


So sad. Rest in Peace Glen.


Sad . . . RIP, Glen!


A sad end to a great musician and singer RIP



A fine eulogy for a friend.

– Richard Baguley

Yeah, and a great friend to many by all accounts.

My own father succumbed to Alzheimer's over a period of years. It was brutal on both him and us as we had him at home until very near the end. That was 41 years ago. A great music lover and multi-instrumentalist.

Rest in peace, Glen, and Dad.


Here is a nice duet recording of Glen and Willie on Glen's final album, Adiós . Of course, the song was written and recorded by Willie eons ago.

I must admit to being impressed by someone who was already well into dementia (the album was not recorded in the final stage, but, nonetheless...) that could learn a song so well and to sing with such genuine emotion, inflection and feeling. My own mother died with Alzheimer's and the thought of her trying to learn to sing a new song while afflicted by the disease seems almost impossible to me, despite the fact that she was always a very fine singer.

So, hat's off to Glen.


Sad, but inevitable. My mother is showing more and more signs of dementia almost weekly, I agree with Bob that picking up a new tune, even in the earlier stages like Mom is, is nigh unto amazing.

Still, now it's time for his family to begin the healing process.

RIP Mr C. Your guitar is with you still, I am sure.


I cried a little watching the Glen Campbell documentary "Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me" as he struggled on his final tour. My grandma died of it and my father has it now so watching this over a year ago hit pretty hard.

Nature's cruelty to a nice man and pray that he can enjoy eternity in peace with passed loved ones and friends listening to him again. God bless him.


he play lead guitar on this masterpiece. R.I.P Glen

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