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Glen Campbell has left us


The man. What a legacy.


Just logged on to post this. Very sad indeed.

Rest in eternal peace, Glen.


rip gc

great player, pop star and (sadly and inadvertantly, but nevertheless...) a great light for many in the understanding of a dreadful disease

rest in peace



We all knew it was coming, but still it is sad. The truth for those of us dealing with this awful disease in their family, is that they leave us long before they pass. Condolences to the family, now they can recover and rediscover their loved one.


He and Johnny Cash had the best variety shows, back in the 70's.


He has left us with so many memories and his music will live on. Rest in peace Glen.


Alzheimer's and cancer have to be two of the worst words in any language.

Expected or not the finality is saddening.

RIP Glen.


Just heard this on local radio,RIP Sir.


What an icon sorely missed. RIP.


Yep...I found out via a Joe Scarborough post on Twitter....sad news. I was not a fan of Country Music back when Glen had his TV show, but I always appreciated how well the man could play any instrument that had strings.

In later years, I have come to appreciate his music.

As stated above, not unexpected news, but still nonetheless....sad.


Very sad, ... I know just what to put on for tonight's respectful "musical eulogy" .


In the summer of 1967 I was in the U.S. Navy, stationed in the Philippines. At that time I had never heard of Glen Campbell. One of the guys in the barracks was able to go home to Chicago for Christmas and he came back with a half-dozen record albums, including "Gentle on My Mind" and "By the Time I Get to Phoenix." We played them over and over, and as soon as I got home a year later I bought copies for myself. I've been a fan ever since.

Rest in Peace, Glen, and enjoy the fruits of the Amazing Grace you sang about.


Adios, Glenn. Played a multitude of instruments---including bagpipes. In '68, he outsold The Beatles; in '63 alone, he played on over 580 cuts. Wrecking Crew, TV shows and movies---we won't be seeing too many more of that kind of guy. Vaya con Dios, Glenn.


Great showman and great guitarist. He started out as a rocker...was a member of The Champs ("Tequila") and had the same manager for a while as Eddie Cochran (Jerry Capehart).

I love this clip from "Shindig" in 1965.


Just came back from an NIH scientific conference today in part on caring for Alzheimer's patients.

We knew it was coming -- but what an astounding talent. With Leon Russell also recently gone, I wondered if it could be determined what songs they may have played together on.

Wichita LIneman was one of my favorites. In a book about Jimmy Webb, it said that he (Glen) wanted another song with a regional reference, like Phoenix had.


So much talent lost to the world , but Glen's music will live on ! - R.I.P. Sir !


Very sad .

Our thoughts are not only for Glen but also his family especially his wife who stood by him during such an unpleasant disease.

I just bought, and was awed by, his last album.

Thanks for the music, Glen, may you rest in peace.



Tragic story, may he rest in peace.


Condolences to friends and family. His TV show was "no miss" every week in our house when I was growing up and Glen's versions of those great Jimmy Webb songs are still the best. RIP.


He was amazing. I was fortunate to see him at the Hollywood Bowl in July 2000.

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